A New Adventure Unfolds

Hello Friends,

It’s been 4 months since my last update and that was a big one! I apologize for going missing for so long. I really want to stay in touch with all of you who have been so faithful to pray for our family. We have just been caught in a beautiful tornado of activity since Amy and I were engaged and married and had to focus on building this new life that God has given us.

Since my last update, Amy and I got engaged, had an impromptu wedding, moved into a new house together, went through construction to give all 5 kids their own bedrooms and me a music room, sent the dogs to training and went on a honeymoon. Needless to say…it’s been crazy. But what an amazing gift we have been given. Day after day our deep conviction that the Lord was in this marriage and it is part of His amazing goodness toward us grows .

The kids are doing so well and everyone is adapting to this new adventure.  We have all the normal big family challenges of sharing; getting the little ones to sleep all night and not letting the big kids spend too much time on video games. But overall, it has really been an insanely smooth transition and God has allowed us to love each other like we have always been together.

We are surrounded by love from both our immediate family and now our new blended families. The prophecy that I got at the funeral that “I was losing the love of my life, but God was going to give me a life full of love” is coming to pass in more ways than I can even communicate. Yes, Zack, Zoe and I still have moments of grief and struggle to understand God’s plan in all this.  But God granting us this beautiful new family has been such a huge comfort and brought so much restoration to our heart’s.

Amy and the kids take my breath away and the way God has knit our hearts together is nothing short of a miracle. We were simply made for each other and the love God has given us is overwhelming at times. It’s just unbelievable how much strength God has brought us in this new life and the love of our new family. I have never been so grateful.

So, where do we go from here? That is such a monumental question right now. As Fuzed Worship came to an end and I went back to work for Joyce Meyer Ministries it started to feel like God was moving me in a new direction. Amy and I and the leadership at JMM have been feeling for several months that my time at JMM was coming to an end. We have had such a faithful relationship and almost 22 years of life together, so this was honestly a tough transition for me. The thought of moving on has been frightening at times.  If I’m honest, questioning why God is requiring me to endure so much change at once has been a daily struggle.  But I see His faithfulness all around us. He continues to prove that He has us and this is just a new chapter in our lives. This story isn’t over yet.

April 15th will be my last day at JMM.  I am looking at a totally new career path as well as praying God opens doors for me as a worship leader.  I feel like the Lord wants me to write a book about our story and hopefully a worship record with the same title.  It’s been on my heart for quite a while.  I want to tell of God’s goodness in our story and yes our suffering. For His glory, by His grace will be the title and the mission once I’m sure that’s where the Lord is leading.   God is so in and around and through this story and we want to continue to glorify Him in it. Right now I have to do as Job said in Job 37 and “stop and consider the wondrous works of God.”  

 I don’t know where this transition will lead.  But I am trusting the Lord will lead us and make our path clear as we step out in faith.   This shift could lead to a whole new chapter of ministry opening up for me, or it could lead to me leaving vocational ministry and working a new career with ministry on the side. I don’t have those answers yet. But I know we are being called out to new levels of trust and faith.  And God has brought this family together for His glory.

I’ve been going to Nashville and writing songs with some amazing folks. And wouldn’t you know…the first song we wrote is called – For Your Glory, By Your Grace. The epic words that started this whole journey, now in a song.  There’s another song called “What I Know” that’s based on the word we stood on in the early months of the battle “rest in His sovereignty and reach for His promises”. It’s deep and challenging stuff. But it’s full of God’s goodness in our suffering and testifies of how He works all things together for good – even death.

So, I’m anxious for you all to hear and see what the Lord does in this story. I hope it encourages you in your faith and stirs your affections for Christ. I pray that as I said before; God will glorify Himself more in Dana’s death than He ever could in the rest of her life. So stay tuned as I’m going to be doing a lot more updates and bringing anyone along on the journey that wants to go with us.

In all honesty I wrestle with negativity and fear. And sadly after all we’ve been through I still wrestle with fully trusting the Lord. And so, God is coming after that in my heart. He’s a good Father and He knows the freedom that awaits as we fully trust in Him. He is requiring more from me as a man then I ever thought He would. But I know He’s faithful.

If you are still with us and want to continue the journey, please pray! Pray for peace and guidance. Pray for strength and courage as we step into the unknown and out of all the security I’ve known as an adult. Pray for Amy to have supernatural strength as she takes on 5 kids and a demanding career.  Pray that the Lord would continue to unify our family.  Pray for provision and resources. Pray for songs and words to flow straight from the throne of grace to my heart. And pray for God to continue to glorify Himself in all we do.

I want to share a brand new song in the works with you that really speaks to where we are at.  It’s just a demo and not a final recording.  But hopefully it is an encouragement to you. https://soundcloud.com/nate-edmonds/what-i-know-demo

We love you all and covet your prayers. We are so overwhelmed with the love and support we have. THANK YOU for that!

So here we go on a new adventure….

for His glory, by His grace!

– Nate

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One thought on “A New Adventure Unfolds”

  1. Love you my Brother! if ever you need someone to talk to don’t hesitate to call. I am praying God’s blessings, provision, revelation and resources to come your way. 314-570-6367 Roy Lormis

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